Miss Kitty Pimms


Miss Kitty Pimms has been an attention seeking show-off from an early age.

Classically trained in ballet to the age of 16, she discovered her talents were more suited to less gentle art forms, leading to a specialism in hanging out in clubs with sticky floors, swearing, and men of whom her mother would not approve.

Miss Kitty regularly performs and comperes as part of the five star Scarlet Vixens Burlesque troupe, and has performed and taught aerials nationwide on the legacy of being “the blonde one with the roots” from the Spin City Bibles and Training series.

Proud of her Northern upbringing Miss Kitty is presently the only person living south of Birmingham who can correctly pronounce “bath”, “grass” and “sound”.


2 days ago
World Burlesque Games

What’s that you say? Not one but TWO Vixens competing in the World Burlesque Games? Oh yes! Break a leg Mariposa Bop and Miss Sugar Rush and bring back that crown!

5 days ago

Our next show at the The Rising Sun Arts Centre! Be there, or be totally bummed out...

6 days ago
Photos from The Scarlet Vixens's post

A special announcement from The Scarlet Vixens...

From the depths of the ocean comes this mysterious and enchanting sea creature. This former Priestess of Atlantis has abandoned the old gods to ... See more

3 weeks ago

This show is shaping up to be a right corker! Only a few seated tickets left. Remember to get yours before they’re gone!